Maintenance Works / Refurbishments / Repairs of Houses and Apartment Blocks

If your house requires repair work, your roof requires recovering, or there appear to be damp problems, we can advise in any of these matters, and provide a complete service from identifying the problem, to specifying the solution, recommending contractors, advising on costs and supervising the repair works.

In current times, more and more property management companies, or landlords/freeholders of apartment blocks/buildings, are requiring works to be carried out to the buildings, and demanding certain contributions from tenants. In some cases these works and contributions may amount to many thousands of pounds. We can advise landlords/freeholders on the correct/appropriate works required, and their correct costings.

We can also advise tenants and landlords on their rights under their leases, and the appropriate legislation.

We can specify maintenance contracts, and again co-ordinate these from tender stage to completion.